February is here! Who will be the first +

  • Thought it would be fun (and kill time) to see who will be the first to receive their ow+.

    My order is number #75xx. I ordered within first 24 hours. Who placed an order within first minutes of announcement?

    My bet is first ow+ is delivered on the 20th

  • Mines order # 75** too I ordered within the first 48 hours i'm almost running outta popcorn!

  • Order 70## ordered about 20 minutes after you could order.

  • I ordered first day also, and live in San Diego. Don't anticipate shipping to be long.

  • 79xx here. Anxiously waiting!

  • 74xx here - i had to think about it most of the day before ordering!

  • Order #72xx and ordered a second one through Aaron Pope...

  • I am order #83xx, ordered on January 10 at 9:40pm.

  • @laneeric looks like you're the winner so far! Had no idea there were so many boards in front of me!

  • 709# here.
    Ordered an hour or so after it dropped.
    Last I heard from FM, they told me I would be receiving late Feb.
    I can hardly wait!

  • #79XX here. Honestly I am expecting to get it March, I would be surprised if they send it in February, but we'll see.

  • 709# checking in.

  • @jeffmccosker and any others that have "heard from" FM about your OW+... Did you reach out and inquire about your shipment, or get an email notification? Patiently waiting... #730x here, ordered 1/4.

  • I am banking on em starting to ship these out 18-20th Feb I am in New York so that's like 5 days shipping for me. I think about it everyday I've been wanting to get this for 2 years now but the previous speed limit held me off till now!

  • Ordered within the first few minutes and live a couple miles from HQ. Cant wait for that delivery.

  • #72XX I am so pumped. I think of riding all the time. Have wanted once since the first time I saw one at Surf Expo a couple years ago! Saw the + and that sealed the deal to do the pre order.
    Thankfully this is a short month! lol

  • @SC720 Wow, I think it's safe to say you are going to be one of, if not the first to receive the +. Keep us posted!

    Maybe you could swing by the shop and see if we are getting close!

  • @bizrock I had another issue and just asked in my email to them. That's what they responded back with.

  • #71xx in NYC. :-)

  • #708x, ordered it at 8:54am est on the release day (per my confirmation email), I think orders were supposed to start at 9am but after refreshing my browser it let me order, so hoping I get it soon.

  • I wonder if anyone is order 8xxx?

    Haven't seen a single one of those here yet.

    Me? 79xx.. Probably won't see my board until March.

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