Alternate Tire Guide

  • At the moment, all info on alternative tire mods is scattered throughout many different threads, and random comments/pictures in response to these threads, so my goal here is to maintain a sort of "Tire Bible" and consolidate what we've learned so far and hopefully encourage more experimentation in the future. I'll try to keep this thread up to date with new pictures, videos and information.

    The thread that started it all

    Photo guide for changing the tire

    VIdeo tutorial for tire removal

    Video tutorial for reassembly

    About Tires
    (info on tire size and compounds will go here)

    Research and Development

    Hoosier D10A Treaded

    Can be purchased here

    In-depth Review

    +treads give more traction on loose terrain such as sand, or woodland debris
    +incredibly grippy on all terrain due to the very soft rubber compound
    +rounded shape makes carving much smoother and easier

    -the soft rubber wears noticeably fast, for this reason, the D30A is recommended
    -expands too much when inflated above 11PSI requiring modifications to the board to gain proper clearance
    -rounded edges can make learning difficult, not recommended for beginners

    Hoosier A40 Slick

    Can be purchased here

    Hoosier slick tire review



    Hoosier Slick @Earthpilot
    alt text
    alt text

    Hoosier D30 Treaded (no modding @ 15PSI) @Earthpilot
    alt text

    Hoosier D10 Treaded (modded battery housing due to clearance) @No
    alt text

  • @No I've purchased both the hoosier slick and treaded, but haven't installed either yet. Waiting on the factory tire to go flat first. Will report back.

  • @No And you're probably already planning to do this, but you can just keep going back and editing your original post with the new info, so people don't have to search through the entire thread for updates. Would probably be a good idea to do this with other aspects of the Onewheel as well.

  • @thegreck Yea, that's the goal in the upcoming days, I especially want to fill out the section About Tires so people understand go-kart tire measurements, rubber compounds etc...

  • You should add a link to the official tire so people wanting the original experience can easily find a replacement.

  • I ran the slick without slime and I am doing the same with the tread. Rethinking squeezing a bit into it just in case. No issues so far.

    I said it somewhere else and I'll say it here, I started riding a V2 when I changed my first tire because the tire makes the board

    I'll call it a V1+ instead so there is no confusion

    Here you go Drew and there is the Vega Durometer graph for those of you interested in tire grip vs. wear

    Check out the last tire on that page, just saw it now

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