Onewheel day/weekend hire

  • So here's a question, if you could fly into a country and hire a OW for a day what would you be willing to pay?

    And more importantly would you consider the option of hiring for a day, a weekend?

    The cost would have to include an insurance premium but taking into account you can't fly with them all too easily, if there was a hire site in most major cities in countries across the world would you go for it?


  • If "hire" is the same as "rent," maybe $25 a day?

  • I may be. Working on the flying issue ;) keep your fingers crossed

  • @Jimmers75 I know of two european centers that work with rental. They charge between 15 and 20 euro per half hour.

  • $25 a day seems a little too low to me.

    Here in So Cal, ~ $25 per day should get you a bike rental (+/- $5).

    A surfboard probably costs ~ $35 per day to rent.

    I could see OW rentals being more like $30 - $40 per hour. Maybe $50 or so for two hours?

  • @arc918 I actually live in SoCal. Bike rentals on the Santa Monica boardwalk are $15/day. Or you can rent a pickup from UHaul for $19.99 a day or a car from Enterprise for $29.95 a day. Both of those cost about 10x more than a Onewheel, so I'd say $25 a day sounds about right.

  • As a customer, I'd be really happy if somebody would rent me a OW for $25 a day! If I was on the rental business side, I'd be looking for more than $25 per day (just based on supply & demand).

    I think car rentals are their own animal (from an economic standpoint). I see OW as something more in line with a Segway or SeaDoo or other specialty item.

    Just my $.02, as I wait anxiously for my OW+ to be built.

    Hope to meet up with you for a ride at Santa Monica in the future.

  • @arc918 Segways rent for $84/day, but those stupid things cost $6k!

    Let's say a dealer buys a fleet of Onewheels for $1,000 each (or whatever wholesale cost is for V1), then rents them out for $25/day for 2 months, then sells them all for $900/apiece, and buys a whole new fleet for renting. They'd make $1,400 off each Onewheel every two months!

    And yeah, I hope to make it to another Santa Monica/LA meetup soon!

  • I have thought about doing this type of rental at the jersey shore but I see too many liabilities/issues with people just taking them out on the streets. For one too high of a learning curve for a lot of people to really get a chance to enjoy it, which in turn can make it dangerous on the street. second would be that the battery life does kind of suck for this type of application. A potential customer may be turned off by the fact that they have to spend half of their rental charging the board. I have a few other ideas that I have been throwing around that would be a workaround for those issues but I have to keep them to myself for the time being.

  • @ahxe45

    Agree about the liability.
    But battery wouldn't be an issue I don't think.
    In fact, the fast charging may even be helpful.

    I agree with @thegreck about the $25 per day.
    Anything more, people would consider rental fee to price of OW ratio.
    Like $15 a day for a bicycle is smart considering you could pick up a used bike from CL for 50 bucks or so.

    Liability insurance and deposit on OW and you have a winner idea.

  • $75 a day seems more reasonable to me, if you want to profit at all.

    The price from for 4 hours is about $86, in Croatia. They are renting for periods as short as 15 minutes for $11.50.

    It's $60 to rent a Boosted board in SF for eight hours.

    You are not going to get tons of business.

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