My Hoosier treaded tire with no mods

  • Well, after seeing threads starting to pop up on my Hoosier A40, I went and changed my tire today to a Hoosier 11x6.5-6 D30A treaded tire. It was easier than changing to the A40 and I had no modifications to do to the board or the tire

    I am running the same tire as No but I believe he has a softer compound. This may be the reason that I didn't have any mods to do, It is a tight fit but I clear both sides at 15.5 psi and could probably go higher with no rubbing. I will email pics to No so that he can put them in his new tire thread he is working on.

    So far i have a few hundrad yards on this tire. I will give you all updates as I ri ii ii ii ii ii ii ii ide....

  • I did a D30 on mine also and although there were slight clearance issues it was not bad enough to have to file the battery box. I remove a bit from the tire when I initially installed it but then I just rode it. After a few miles it was not rubbing anymore. About 15psi is as high as I can go before rubbing.

  • Post some photos here!

  • @Earthpilot Good to hear the harder compound doesn't have the same issues, I think the fear of modding was pushing a lot of people away from trying out the treaded tire. 15PSI is where I'm at now and it's like 0.01mm away from rubbing lol. Have the D30A sitting on my bookshelf ready for the V2...any day now

  • For some reason, i can't post pics but i sent two to No, hoping they go through, still says sending. first one is the top and then i flipped the board upside down to show the minute clearance with the battery box, no issues for two days now.

    Edit: Pics sent

  • @Earthpilot I always just send pics to the cloud with cloudapp. Then I just copy the direct links and use the picture button to paste them in.

    alt text

  • I'll try that next time, thanks Drew

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