SOLD!!!!! FS: Onewheel with Extras!!! in South Bay Area, CA

  • Hello Fellow Onewheel shredders!

    I am selling my beloved Onewheel with an extra pair of footpads and a pair of plastic bumpers! $1000. If you're interested, please let me know! I am opened to shipping as well, buyer pays shipping.
    Onewheel Craigslist

    Thanks for looking!

  • 0_1487182064397_1439674785885-new11879793_1050434818302672_175258954_o.jpg 0_1487182083614_1439674801116-new11895568_1050059675006853_730583177_o.jpg 0_1487182101108_1439674822663-new11882455_1050060015006819_1415531816_o.jpg 0_1487182117821_1439674832107-new11874731_1050060065006814_1986737616_o.jpg 0_1487182132709_1439674844706-new11874296_1050060061673481_935794433_o.jpg

  • A little teasers of what this board has created.

  • .....Bump

  • Hey man, you closing up shop or just trading up for the + ?

    Also I think I recognize that trail but for the life of me can't place it. Alum Rock?

  • I'm not closing up shop. I have the Onewheel Plus on order and I have no need to 2 Onewheels. So I'm trying to find another buyer to share the Onewheel experience!

    Pics are from South Lake Tahoe.

  • Board has been sold!!!!

    This is an incredibly sad day for me but put a hell of a smile on a new onewheel rider. Next chapter.... Onewheel Plus!!!!

  • You got a good deal! Congrats.

  • SO stoked to have picked that up from you! Getting ready to take it out on it's first voyage.

  • Can't wait to see what adventures you go on! Please post them!

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