Used limited edition blue magnetic fender 4sale

  • Changed the color of my wife's board so this no longer matches.. 80$ shipped if anyone wants it.. it's got some light scratches but still looks great.. no cracks or major damage.. these are also available new for 200$ shipped in the US..


  • Hi,

    I take it. I already do have one, but I also need one for my second board if I ride with my wive.


  • I'll put my name on the list for this too (in addition to the one plus order I already made)

  • @cr4p @aris who ever pays me first can have it.. PayPal njcustom908@gmail.Com

    Post here when payment is sent so I don't have to refund anyone.. thanks guys

  • Payment sent

  • @aris thank you.. I will have it out in the morning

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