Stand up Desk - Fluidstance

  • If there are any of you out there who have a stand up desk for work and sorely miss riding your onewheel while at work, check out Fluidstance.

    It's basically a really mellow balance board that makes stand up desks actually enjoyable. It really helps keep those ankles loose and in shape, not to mention helping with your center of gravity.


  • @Snurfer this post is pretty funny (and timely). While waiting for my OW+ I found this site and purchased one of the boards to use at work -- I love it! Not cheap, but well-made and does what it says.

  • Which model did you guys get and why? Sure looks interesting...

  • I was a kickstarter backer and ended up getting one of the top of the line (wrote it off as a business expense :) ) Without it, I refuse to use my standup desk. I have a stool that I sit in for breaks, probably 20% of the day.

    I think they came out with a cheaper plastic model, which might be worth considering.

    That's too funny @e-ball !!

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