DIY undercoating layer

  • inspired by @No ´s "mad max style", i decided to put a layer on the bottom of the onewheel that i primary use for offroading. sometimes there are a lot of stones and i was always afraid of damaging the plastic, so this should now make it stronger;-)


    besides that i saw a guy in an awesome video (here on the forum) who did some stylish grinding with the bottom side on some sidewalls on the street - i always wanted to try that out, but was afraid to destroy anything - now i think this should be possible.

  • That's awesome!!!
    Make me one out of ABS plastic so I can slide :)

  • @cr4p That looks awesome!

  • thanks - its cheap and easy to do...

  • Or carbon fiber 😉😉

  • @njcustom: i think this would be in fact a good idea. you could make them simmilar to how i did it, but let it go partially arround the edges, to prevent the onewheel from getting scratched when rolling over...

  • @jeffmccosker said in DIY undercoating layer:

    [...] so I can slide :)

    ah yeah, exactly - that guy was you!;-)
    it was in your "Onewheel Sunday Edit" @0:21 where you did that slide...if have to try that!

  • Yeah they have that at like Home Depot...

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