Wanna unload a board?

  • Been shredding for a while on my wheel. My friend wants one but doesn't know if he'll fall in love (not a crazy skater dude). If you've got a WORKING onewheel for a good price, post it here with a picture. Not looking for anything over 800

  • @shaka-wheeler where are you based?

  • @Jimmers75 In california

  • My board is in good but ridden shape. Usual scratches. Got it August 2015. Had a battery balance issue September 2015 and sent it back in to FM for a recalibration. Since then I've had no issues at all. Literally only have done street/concrete riding. The tire is in fine shape, though the heel side definitely has visible wear. I don't think it has to be replaced for a while. Fender is attached and I have replacement skid plates, which I can put on before shipping. There is a gopro mount attached to the frame, which I can remove or leave on. I would sell for $800 and I'll cover the cost of shipping, I'll ship the day my OW+ shows up (from NY). I ordered the first night, so I'm supposedly in the first wave. If you're interested, hit me. As a side note, I'd throw in the go pro (silver 4) with 4 batteries, multi battery charger, a variety of mounts and waterproof case for an additional $220.

  • @shaka-wheeler I got my onewheel for sale. It's in great shape, no issues at all. I'm super near you too (I think you're in Santa Cruz if I remember correctly). Here's my ad.


    Let me know if your friend's interested.

  • @enjoi408 I mean, that's cool, but will you come down to $800? That's what he's asking for. Your CL post says $1k.

  • Understood. I am the cheapest in my surrounding area. And the board is in great condition. It also comes with a pair of footpads and bumpers. I'm willing to work with price if it's reasonable. So I'm just trying to get a fair price. If @shaka-wheeler friend is not interested, I'll keep an eye out for the next buyer. Shred on!

  • @enjoi408 totally reasonable. Wasn't actually trying to be a snarky Dick about it. Was a geniuine question.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @sidebox No worries brother!

  • @sidebox Do you have any pictures of the board you can share?

  • @enjoi408 Great looking board, but that is quite out of my budget. It's a great deal considering the extras, but i'm looking just for a basic setup for my friend. Thank you though!

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