Knocking noise?

  • Any other riders had a board that has a knocking sound when the board is tipped one side or the other? It kinda sound/feels like something is moving inside the axel but has no effect on the board's use.

  • @Jimmers75 are you riding with a fender? If so it's probably the shit hitting the inside. On mine it sounds like a spindley pop sound almost like something hitting spokes.

  • Did u get the board used?
    Kickstarter board?

  • @Jimmers75 never any axle noise but I had to send both my first boards back for what sounded like feedback noise or birds and shit in my motor. Ended up being something loose on the controller but it made the motor act funny.

  • @Jimmers75 Normal. Don't stress it. It happens when there is a little bit of play along the axel. I've gotten that too when I am carving. As you said, it does nothing to the ride. Just a noise every so often when executing a tight sudden turn.

  • Happened to me. FM told me that the axle screws were loose. On each side of the tire on the frame there are 3 screws. Loosen the 2 outside ones, tighten the center bolt, then tighten the outside bolts. Worked for me to get rid of the sound.

  • @darthj0n No no fender on it's definitely an internal noise

  • @wr420 Used

  • @jeffmccosker thanks I was going to try that later today to see if that was a problem, I'll give it all good tighten up and see how I get on. Thanks for the feedback

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