Centriphone test footage

  • Not sure if anyone else has read about the Centriphone but I got involved with it a year or so ago and received it this week.

    It describes itself as a DIY Bullet Time Kit, I took it out this weekend to test it and this is the test footage with various speed ramp edits thrown in

    Looking forward to testing it further

  • @Jimmers75 so cool always wanted to see some centriwheel footy. Tell me about the back-pack🤘I'm working on a design for getting lost in the woods and running out of power. The perfect Onewheel riding/hauling pack with hydration and storage. Looks like you are designing prototyping something in the same vein.

  • Don't know what I saw in the helicopter vid!??;););).... but that quick release handle idea is realy nice..evolution of the first handle!!thumbs up big time!!!

  • Quick release OW-Sidehandle
    check his vids ;)

  • I ordered this what feels like a lifetime ago. Can't believe how far off they were on the delivery projection. Can the white strings be replaced by inconspicuous fishing line?

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