Thumb screws?

  • Anyone know what thumb screws I would need to order to make taking the factory fender off and on as needed?

  • @RandomNate I'm pretty sure that the same thumb screws made for a GoPro also fit the screw holes for the fender. Just Google "GoPro thumb screws." (@njcustom can correct me if I'm wrong)

  • @thegreck no the GoPro screws are not the same.. I use them but I convert the thread pitch to 10-32 set screw.. it's easy to do ..

  • @RandomNate buy GoPro finger screws and convert the screws to 10-32 thread pitch.. the pitch is so close you can screw the new 10-32 screws right into the finger screws. Remove the old screws and replace with 10-32.. hope that makes sense

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