Aftermarket Ultracharger

  • $125 for a replacement Ultracharger is ludicrous.
    What if I want one for work and one for home so I don't have to carry it with me all the time?
    Can anyone here source a replacement that is more reasonable in cost, but exact same in spec?
    There seem to be quite a few electrical wizards in this forum maybe one of you has an answer.

  • @jeffmccosker I've done several Google searches for chargers with those specs and it seems like they may have had those things specially made, because every similar charger I could find had less output voltage (needs to be 58VDC 3.5A).

  • Actually... I think this is the same power brick that's used for the Onewheel. It's made by the same company (and it's their company site), and it has the same specs. Only thing is 1) There's no price listed, 2) It doesn't appear to come with the plug that goes into the wall (though that part is probably easily replaceable), and 3) The 3-prong attachment is male, but the Ultracharger is female.

  • You can probably fairly easily purchase the female 3-prong attachment from an electronics site and swap it out, but my thought is that whenever a site says "inquire" instead of listing the price, it's generally really expensive. You'd probably have to purchase them in bulk to get as good of a deal as you get from Future Motion.

    But shoot them an email and see (let us know what you find out if you do).

  • @thegreck Yeah it's looking like minimum 100 unit order.

  • @thegreck I thought it's made in the USA?

  • @s2kboy the footpads are made in SD, everything is assembled in San Jose, but many of the components are sourced from all over the globe.

  • Globe is fine but please nothing from China!! Please!!

  • Shouldn't they have a assembled in USA label instead? Or I think its like a certain percentage of parts if they are made in US it gets the made in US label?

  • @jeffmccosker said in Aftermarket Ultracharger:

    @thegreck Yeah it's looking like minimum 100 unit order.

    Crazy! Who woulda thought a charger would be so expensive? Besides Steve Jobs, I mean.

  • I would look into professional film equipment light panel chargers/power outlets. Might get lucky and find one with the proper specs.

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