Florida Riders?

  • Hey guys, I'd love to meet some fellow enthusiasts and shred the streets. Maybe make a onewheel club haha. I'm in Melbourne FL and I haven't seen a single person yet with one lol. Sound off in the comments!

  • What's up PK? I terrorize the streets of Orlando and I just saw my first Onewheel downtown when I was cruising. I met the guy before and we talked about the board and today he was riding where i had met him before. You have people over there, I'm sure of it. Go to your local surf shops and dig those people up. You'll find them there. Email me when you are here and we will ride. mrkiteboarding@gmail.com

  • Boca Raton here! The only onewheeler I've seen is my neighbor who introduced me to it. Would be great to find other locals!

  • Tallahassee here. Have not seen anyone yet with one up here except for myself. I had to buy a second one for my son and friends. Haha. I also have a co worker that ordered the +

  • Miami here.

  • Oh shit @Earthpilot Earthpilot, I didn't realize, or at least since the tire thing remember you were in Orlando.... i gotta get my ass back up there before i break something. That is my old stomping grounds... UCF class of 97. My sister and lots of friends still there. I was actually just there a few weeks ago. Damn....

    I'm in Broward... Obviously, and I have taken it upon myself to collect names for a club and then totally failed to get one going. I had a bit of a year, a lot of things changed for me. I had to go through some surgery, and Then I had to get this dude elected. And were about settled now into office. And that made me put my band on the back burner, but I do have a collection of people's contact info. And I really want to get us together. I have been talking to the people who run the county parks system, which there are some really great places to ride. And So far i haven't had any issues with police in Broward.

    Any south florida people send me your. Phone number in the chat. I often go for a quick ride around downtown after work. And i hit the parks on the weekends, I have 2 boards, every other weekend i have my son. Who rides. But he is only 10. So, has limits. :)

    SO Flo Ridas :)

  • Miami right here!

  • St Augustine

  • @iSurfVilano I love St. Augustine. I gotta hit you up next time I'm in town to cruise the downtown area. It's gotta be nice around there

  • @PumpkinKing nothing like cruising empty alleyways in the nation's oldest city at sunrise.

  • @iSurfVilano I can only imagine. I gotta make the trip soon.

  • @gio.lyfe where do you ride about?

  • St. Pete in the house

  • When i travel about the swamp, I am going to come back to this post and hit you guys up when i am where you are so we can do it. I can't get off my board. leaving this post to ride again.

  • @braswell I am still waiting for my onewheel plus. I live in the downtown/wynwood area, so I'll mostly be around here. I'm down to ride anywhere as soon as I get my board. Where do u ride?

  • @gio.lyfe sweeeeet me too. Wynwood is my jam :) bar hoping is the best on onewheel

  • So is this really a thread for Flo Ridas?

    Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur...

  • @e-ball said in Florida Riders?:

    So is this really a thread for Flo Ridas?

    Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur...


  • @braswell that's what's up! Glad to hear that. Can't wait to do some bar hopping. Any other Miami peeps around? I'll send you a message when I get my +

  • @gio.lyfe get your onewheel yet? Whats your order number early to mid 7100s hopefully? haha

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