The EXTREME magnetic fender is here!!

  • The magnetic fender has just got better!

    The fender hasn't changed yet but the mounts have.. they will be available as a 10$ add on and 15$ shipped if just purchasing mounts

    ..They will work with all of my fenders, if you have previously purchased a fender from me and want that extra "hold" for extreme off-road use then this is what you will need

    What you will receive is x4 powder coated steel plates that mount on the blue rails with the supplied 3M 90lb double sided tape.. to install simply clean the the mounting surface with rubbing alcohol then apply the x4 mounting plates..

  • Nice! If I didn't get the stock fender with the dealer I would have purchased it from you. Seems very convenient!

  • Back ordered about 2 weeks now..

  • @njcustom do you have a website link

  • @gbones2692 I sell on eBay or directly to save 10$

  • the new extreme is amazing. I was a thumb screw guy until this latest magnet version. Now I can safely recommend the magnetic version and may even buy another (3rd) carbon fender :)

  • @aris sweet ,I'm happy to hear that

  • +1 My fender is super secure and only came off when I sent my OW tumbling at 18 mph which is good cause it will reduce possible damage to the fender during a wipe-out.

  • @njcustom said in The EXTREME magnetic fender is here!!:

    Looks pretty darn convenient--next to aesthetically pleasing. If the shipping cost to Europe would be reasonable..

  • @SaturnOne 10$ extra for shipping out of the country

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