Any shredders on Oahu?

  • My son and I ordered our OW+ and plan to have some adventures offroading once we get acclimated to the OW. Is there any Hawaii adventurers shredding any trails or plan on offroading in the Aloha State once they get theirs too?

  • @AdventureGuy
    I have OW version1 and I carve the roads mainly around Honolulu , Ala Moana Park , Waikiki and Diamond Head areas. Concrete and grass are the best surfaces to keep a total control of the board. Off-road ( sand, roots, rocks...etc ) doesn't offer the same fluidity feeling than concrete and grass. everyone has his own way to get the most of his Onewheel.
    But, if you find a good off-road, let me know!
    Enjoy your new OW+

    Here is my video around Ala Moana and Waikiki.

  • I live Oahu close to ala moana ... I have v1 soon to have v2 87xx.. always down for a ride

  • @AdventureGuy
    We shred on Kauai. Plenty off-road ride here. Sand is my favorite. Golf courses makes the best place to push your speed. Smooth and perfect. Chances of nose diving is less. There are also coffee fields. I like off road for adventuring.

    Concrete and pavements are okay, but you need to constantly watch for traffic and people . Besides when you eat it consequences can be worse than rolling in dirt. Oh and more people to witness the folly.

    We got 2 OW's . 1 is broken pending repairs and more is on its way. My entire family will have their own soon.

    We got all kine terrain to try out. Looking forward to doing the downhill Waimea Canyon drive,and the motorx track, bike path, Hanalei Bay, airport runway, and so on.

    So much places to go and adventure.

    Anyways I am trying to figure out the air travel thing with batteries so I can go island hopping.

    Maybe we'll cross paths

  • @oahukevin
    I'm in Makiki... will hit you up when I get mines.

  • @fruitygreen
    I will have to hook up with you when I go to Kauai...

  • @AdventureGuy
    Sounds good. Please leave your Aloha shirt at home though. lol.

  • Yes I'll defiantly hit you up for a Kauai cruise would be awesome out there

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