Any NC riders out there (Durham/Chapel Hill area)?

  • My OW+ should be arriving in March and I'm curious if there are any local groups near me who get out and ride.

  • Hey! I'm in Durham and waiting on my ow+. My number is 74xx so I'll, hopefully, get it in the next couple of weeks. Let's connect and get out on these things.

  • I'm in Raleigh... Have you guys gone out riding yet?

  • @kayvanjams I haven't gotten my + yet...hoping I'll have it by the end of next week.

  • I live in Durham and have a V1. My Plus should be here by the end of the month. I ride every day and would love to meet up!

  • I'm in Greensboro, and I have a V1 and a plus coming Thursday. I'd love to Meetup too along with a buddy who has a V1 one down in Charlotte.

  • @kayvanjams I've found some great spots to ride around here. Probably one of the best spots has to be Church Street Park in Morrisville. They have a huge field with a sidewalk wrapped around it. Great off road practice. Hit me up if you wanna meet up!

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