Any NC riders out there (Durham/Chapel Hill area)?

  • My OW+ should be arriving in March and I'm curious if there are any local groups near me who get out and ride.

  • Hey! I'm in Durham and waiting on my ow+. My number is 74xx so I'll, hopefully, get it in the next couple of weeks. Let's connect and get out on these things.

  • I'm in Raleigh... Have you guys gone out riding yet?

  • @kayvanjams I haven't gotten my + yet...hoping I'll have it by the end of next week.

  • I live in Durham and have a V1. My Plus should be here by the end of the month. I ride every day and would love to meet up!

  • I'm in Greensboro, and I have a V1 and a plus coming Thursday. I'd love to Meetup too along with a buddy who has a V1 one down in Charlotte.

  • @kayvanjams I've found some great spots to ride around here. Probably one of the best spots has to be Church Street Park in Morrisville. They have a huge field with a sidewalk wrapped around it. Great off road practice. Hit me up if you wanna meet up!

  • @goconfigure Hi, I am new on the forum. I am so excited as I just received the shipping notification for my +, it should arrive next wednesday (May 3rd) - order 820x. I live in Cary (work in Durham) and would love to hook up with you guys. I have never ridden a onewheel before but I am coming from other board sports (snowboard, wakeboard and kitesurfing) so hopefully it will be not too long for a learning curve. Let's ride the triangle guys. Can't wait to meet you all.

  • @bugstone You're gonna love it! I just finished a 1am ride in Brier Creek shopping center. Email me at when you get your board!

  • @goconfigure cool I live 6 miles from the Church Street Park so I could almost get there with the One Wheel (lol) and recharge it there if there is a plug somewhere (or on my portable power unit). Then charge it again and ride back home !

  • @goconfigure Have you ever tried bond park (near Bond Lake in Cary? They have this nice big grass area with the greenway path that covers half around it, and a forrest type trail terrain to finish, all 3 types of terrain with hills, turns, etc... that looks to me pretty perfect park for OW. Only problem is the recent rain has flooded part of it.

  • @bugstone I'm going there tomorrow. I have to work there for about 45 min then off to riding! It's also a Spring Daze Festival there tomorrow so tons of people!

  • @bugstone I haven't seen a charge plug there but I didn't scour either. Did you get your Onewheel yet?

  • @goconfigure no mate, it's in Texas right now. I am constantly refreshing my Fedex page... but they have to drive about 2000 miles to come over here in NC

  • @goconfigure I'll be there as well with the kids so we can hook up. will send you a PM

  • @bugstone Heard. Mine was pushed back to this Monday. So Monday should be awesome. I'm getting there tomorrow about 230. I have a 45 min set from 330 to 415 then off to the trails hopefully.

  • @goconfigure are you playing in one of the bands ? we will be there ! see ya later

  • @goconfigure let me know which stage as there are apparently 4 stages and it's gonna be crowded

  • @kayvanjams Hi there, yes! we've been riding out at Church Street Park in Morrisville and I ride late night around the Brier Creek shopping center from time to time. Let me know if you want to meet up!

  • @koncat Were riding out at Church Street Park in Morrisville. Let me know if you want to meetup!

  • @goconfigure I just got my v1 and saw somebody circling Church Street Park on the app, must be you, haha.

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