A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?

  • If we get a running thread of shipment notificaitons by order number, it should help everyone get a sense of where FM is in the process of getting all of these orders out. My thought is that you only post here when you've received the confirmed shipping notification. No need to post "no update yet." Anyway, cheers!

  • #71XX shipped yesterday. Receiving today.

  • They're rocking it pretty hard and seem on schedule.
    Kudos to FM


  • @enjoi408 71?x what's your 3rd number? I'm pretty sure that 708x was the first of the founding members so trying to gauge about how many they've shipped out

  • Looking at that video, it looks like they shipped out around 50 units in that batch, so I bet @e-ball 's number is 7122 :) Assuming they put out 50 a day, my plus might ship by Friday!

  • #710X. Hopefully I can pick it up by the afternoon. A few people mentioned I should do an unboxing video, so I'm trying to figure out what questions people have to answer. So let me know if you guys want me to answer anything, and I will try my best to address them.

  • @enjoi408 what are the hardware and firmware #s?

  • Yeah I counted 40 sealed boxes / Unboxed onewheel boxes in the video at the 21 second mark. 40 or 50 shipped sounds about right but I doubt they are shipping daily

  • @enjoi408 Any mention of new digital shaping in the manual would be cool! Get out and ride it and compare it to your V1 (if you have one). Initial impressions etc. Thanks!

  • @enjoi408

    Speed comparison would be my #1 question.
    Then about pushback compared to V1.


  • @dcosmos I am unsure where to find this info. If you can point me to the right direction where to find them, I'll let ya know.

    To all else, this is just an unboxing video. I will try to ride it and see how it compares to my original Onewheel, but I just sold mine last week. I don't have it here to compare.

  • I shipped first day with 7111, so you might not be far off with 50 a day

  • @enjoi408 @dcosmos to answer where to find that information you'll need the phone app for that

  • 71## currently in a town about 10 min away, waiting for confirmation that I can go pick it up at a local post office

  • I just might take the rest of the day off the minute I receive confirmation it's ready for pick up. Haha!

  • Looks like @Zero reported he got a shipping notification this morning from FM #714x

  • @s2kboy said in A thought: post your OW+ shipping notifications w/ first two digits of order #?:

    Looks like @Zero reported he got a shipping notification this morning from FM #714x

    Correct, yesterday morning I received tracking info for 714x

  • @Zero Only 140 orders away... Is the thinking that they are shipping about 50 a day? or is it less than that? Seems to be less.

  • So at this rate I am looking at mid March for mine to be shipped.... way off compared to their end Feb promise for founding members. I am not even going to be in early March.....

  • @s2kboy I ordered mine the morning we were first able to order, couldn't have been available to order more than an a hour or so and I still haven't heard anything. :( #724*

  • #7375 and I haven't heard anything yet.

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