People who had the V1 and now have the Plus/Honest review

  • People who bought early should be gettting the boards as of today and tomorrow. This thread is for the people who have owned BOTH and can tell us HONESTLY what they think of the board in comparison. What they like or dislike and what seems to be the same. Post as soon as you have ridden and can give a fair review. Thanks and let the new plus revolution begin!

  • Curious about the following particular comparisons myself with v1 vs +.

    Acceleration difference if any

    Top speed difference

    Kickback at what speed

    Motor noise / smoothness vs v1

  • @s2kboy It's actually called pushback. Kickback is a payment made to someone who has facilitated an illicit transaction.

    But that's a good list. I'd also like to know if it's more difficult to dismount now that the entire footpad is a sensor.

  • @thegreck I imagine the heel dismount will become more popular.

  • @drew the heel pivot should still work fine. Keep the heel in contact with the left sensor and slide your toes left, so the right sensor loses contact. It's by far the easiest and most casual looking dismount.

  • @enjoi408! First board picked up out of the people on the forum!! #Willywonka #goldenticket #boardporn

  • @MichaelW Prove it!

  • Not me. @enjoi408! He left a pic of his box on the other tread.

  • @MichaelW Yeah, I just found it. I thought you were sticking your flag down without any evidence. I'm anxious for first hand impressions.

  • @dcosmos Producing the video now. Next step upload.

  • @enjoi408 yes!!

  • The 50% boost in power makes the OW ride the way I always wished it would. It stays level easier and feels more like a hoverboard than a balanceboard. The added power is also nice since you can cruise up to 15+ MPH without pushback. I'll give a more comprehensive review once I've swapped out the tire.

  • @No this is what I was wanting to hearโž–๐ŸŒŽโž–

  • Thank you @No. I am riding it today and will compare the two side by side. I'll try to get video if I have time.

  • @No said in People who had the V1 and now have the Plus/Honest review:

    50% boost in power

    Maybe I missed something but going from a 500W motor to a 750W motor is a very significant change. One would think that would be something to put on the bullet point in the sales ads. I am very surprised that we are just now learning about this. That is something that could have helped hyped up the Plus and driven more people on the fence to buy. Seems like a huge miss by the marketing and advertising department!

  • @RandomNate I agree, I purchased it day 1, but the whole time I've been waiting I had this voice in the back of my head doubting the significance of the changes, but fortunately, they're legit, and the V2 is clearly superior in every possible way.

  • Looking forward to hearing the sound of the board. In the other tread it was said "FM says its quieter, you can barely tell theres a motor. This is true in certain aspects. When the plus is moving, its quieter. Not quiet. But when the board is at a stand still, its noisier than the V1! Sound like air in a tunnel. Its weird. But overall, I really do like the sounds change. It sounds like space saucer."

  • I'd like to hear a review from someone who owns a V1 that hasn't yet forked out $1500 for a plus...a truly unbiased opinion from someone not justifying an expensive purchase they've waited 2 months to receive.

  • @CBR-954rr in other words, you want a review from someone whose bias will be to justify not spending the money for the +!

    The only "unbiased, honest" review would come from a person who has owned neither version and is allowed to ride both.

  • I have both the + (coming next week) and V1. The reason why I wanted two was to ride with family and also to be able to ride without waiting for the battery charge. With two OWs you can ride one while the other charges and repeat, pretty much all day.

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