Onewheel + unboxing and Review!

  • Everybody waiting for their OW in the mail is probably drooling over this video lol

  • @enjoi408 nice video man! Thanks for sharing. Too bad the app wouldn't let you switch modes. Let us know if the pushback is different.

  • @No said in Onewheel unboxing and Review!:

    Everybody waiting for their OW in the mail is probably drooling over this video lol

    ...and quietly hating your face, at the same time. Lol.

    Great vid, man! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for the upboxing, test drive and review!

  • Yes! That was an amazingly quick turnaround. Thank you!

  • Any Updates on changing from Classic mode. I know that was an issue during unboxing. Can you connect to the other OneWheel App?

  • In the video you mentioned Digital Shaping 2.0... wouldn't that be built into the firmware? I'm pretty sure the app just lets you select the ride mode that's built into the board already (Classic = 1, Extreme = 2, Elevated = 3)

  • Hey guys,
    So I called and was able to get a hold of someone in FM. They said that the original app for onewheel is giving out false info. They have submitted an updated app for the onewheel plus. Once it is approve (roughly next week hopefully) it will be available for all. For the meantime, FM has assured me that when the onewheel plus is shipped, its already in extreme mode.

  • @enjoi408 Really enjoyed that video! I bet being stuck in Classic made the acceleration curve seem comparable to OW 1. Can't wait to see if you're stoked about the characteristics of Extreme once that's figured out. Thanks for answering my questions. Also, do you have the OWheelBuddy app? It's truly sweet. Connects faster and offers more diagnostics. Curious if that official OneWheel app still reports the "Serial # Device" as a four digit number.

  • @dcosmos I don't lol. I know I should but I have never ridden with the FM app or the OW buddy app. Never really cared for it

  • @enjoi408 That tire does appear bigger, unless it's distorted by the lens. What's the tire sizing say?

  • Did you get a fender with your board? I thought pioneer collective founding members get a free fender.

  • You should be able to switch mode manually.
    It should be the same as V1

  • @dcosmos tire says 11.5x6.5-5
    @gio-lyfe The fender will be sent seperately since it could not fit in the packaging.
    @sonny123 I think you're right. When I called onewheel they said it should have been shipping in extreme mode. I tried the manually switch and must of put it in classic when I first discovered the issue. But I tried it again and I think i managed to put it in Extreme again. the blinking sequence is much different though.

    I gotta say I really like this board. It's acceleration is slight impprovement but when you hit the top speed, you feel that boost sensation. The more I ride the better I feel. I can definitely feel the higher top speed.I wouldnt say its quite 19mph all the time but its pretty zippy.

  • @enjoi408 my tires say -6 at the end.

  • Oh sorry! Mine does too. I can't see very well. I have permanent speed blur vision due to the OW+

  • Is it a quieter motor then V1? @enjoi408

  • Nice thanks

  • @MichaelW said in Onewheel unboxing and Review!:

    Is it a quieter motor then V1? @enjoi408

    This part is funny to me. FM says its quieter, you can barely tell theres a motor. This is true in certain aspects. When the plus is moving, its quieter. Not quiet. But when the board is at a stand still, its noisier than the V1! Sound like air in a tunnel. Its weird. But overall, I really do like the sounds change. It sounds like space saucer.

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