Founding member fenders shipped seperately!

  • Just received a reply about not getting the fender with your +, good news!

    "Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for checking in! The fender unfortunately could not be fit into the board's packaging and therefore needs to be shipped separately. These fender shipments will shortly follow the shipment of the Onewheel+.

    Pumped to get you riding.


  • Have you seen the magnetic fenders? đź‘Śđź‘Ś

  • @njcustom do your fenders fit on the + without issue? Is it the exact same spec/shape as the FM fender?

  • Well this means my current fender will go on the v2 tomorrow.

  • @sidebox yes they fit, specs are the same.. my fenders are now coming with the extreme mounts.. night and day difference..

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