Any New Zealanders waiting for a onewheel +?

  • Just seeing if there are any other Kiwis waiting for there OneWheel/patch. Cheers

  • I don't know the answer to your question. But I do know I am a onewheeler looking to move to NZ!

  • Haha nice! I'll show you around on our onewheels!

  • What part of NZ are you currently at? I was looking into Wellington, north island.

  • I'm currently down in Queenstown. Wellington is a nice city though, one of the better ones...

  • Im in Australia waiting for my OW+. Apparently we don't get was only for the 52 States of Merica. Im order 744X. Im curious to see if they will dispatch international orders at once or in order number order.

  • I've got my patch @jozepi. It was sent to my billing address and not my shipping address. We just couldn't win the trip. I've got 5 OW+ coming on order #89... so I'm guessing it will be in April...

  • @dktedits haha, yeah I just received my patch. Smile on my face stuck around for a while, I really though we weren't getting them.

  • I'm a OW owner living in Australia and on holidays in NZ.. What an awesome place..

  • @dktedits I'm order number #897*, In Wellington. How much are you paying for shipping? I was going to get it forwarded using Youshop (NZPost) but I found out they won't send it because of the battery.

  • @JacoNZ I got it down to $250 as I have 5 ordered. I'm number 895x pioneer silver. Have you looked into the importing/gst fees?

  • Moving to Wellington, NZ in late October. I heard there's a couple more riders in the area. Let me know and we can meet up!

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