Am I the only pioneer that didn't get a patch yet?

  • discuss :)

  • @aris I haven't either. But I'm assuming they sent it to the wrong address as I moved in feb. I hope to get one still, otherwise I'll have to hunt it down at my old address lol. Could have the golden ticket for all I know!

  • Me three.

  • I received mine at my billing address (home) rather than the shipping address (work). I doubt it makes a difference for most but I'm glad I didn't need to hide the fact I purchased a OW+ in case someone else got the mail.

  • They found a winner already so.... All I care about now is my onewheel+ lol.

  • They sent it to my billing address also. I hope they don't ship the onewheel there also as its on the other side of the country.

  • Not I... ordered on day 2.

  • I ordered 2 onewheel pluses and only got one badge... no clue why anybody else have this happen to them, jus figured if i ordered 2 I would get 2 awesome things and 2 chances to win a trip to headquarters...

  • @OffRoadOW I ordered 5 got one badge. It comes under one order therefore one badge. If you ordered them separately then you would have 2...

  • @dktedits thanks i guess that makes sense now...

  • I contacted them about it, they said all the patches were shipped to the billing address by mistake. Of course they told no one.

  • @ryanpppy I didn't get a patch. ordered 24 hours in. Billing was same as shipping address.

  • I'd rather have my board than a badge that constantly reminds me that FM has missed their target dates while accepting full payment. Whomever would like an extra badge in LA is welcome to mine.

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