Anyway to protect the sides on the new board?

  • So being a beginner I see myself tipping it on its side constantly and scratching up the finish. Anyone use some sort of tape to protect the board for the first week or so?

  • @s2kboy a double layer of clear duct tape has been suggested

  • Search amazon for helicopter tape.
    Look here

  • @s2kboy Many of us have done this. I found vinyl wrap stood up pretty poorly to scrapes from the pavement. Gorilla tape works well, but is rather unsightly. Double it up near the corners, as that's where most of the abrasion tends to happen. Keep an eye on it and replace as it wears so you don't scrape down to the bare metal.

    After two weeks or so, appreciate the futility of trying to keep it looking new and abandon these efforts. You will definitely have saved your precious some significant gouges and scrapes that inevitably happen when first starting out, though, so I do think it's worth it in the beginning.

  • @bmtka exactly I know avoiding scratches is pointless I just wanna get over the serious abuse it's going to take while I learn.

  • Best thing to do with a new board is just scratch the hell out of it right off the bat so it's out of the way!!!!! With 4 boards now I am telling you nothing you can do (other than not ride it) is going to keep them scratch free..... Just get it out of the way asap and start going anywhere and everywhere without worrying about scuffing the board up.

  • I'm with @laneeric on this one... Just ride it. More than likely you'll let other people ride it which means you'll have a constant flow of new riders scuffing up your board. Plus, one good wipe out and even the most protective measures won't stand up to the abuse those boards can unexpectedly take

    If anything, keep it dirt free and clean. That goes a long way in terms of appearance

  • As someone who just received his first OW today and was just as worried about scratching and gouging the rails as you, I can tell you with utmost confidence that this train of thought will be forcibly removed from you after the first day of riding. I wrapped it in vinyl and it still got beat up. There's no point, embrace it and shred hard.

  • Take some advice from Kevin's roller blade story:

  • The more shredding, the better it looks.


  • I ride team Virgo. Why? I really don't have a good reason but my other boards have 500 miles and zero scratches. Board looks just as cool with the tape. Here ya go!


  • It's very easy to protect the finish. Sand it down to bare aluminum, add some personalized stickers, wear them off and repeat the process. You'll replace the board before you sand through the frame.

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