OneWheel Buddy in the US App Store?

  • Is OWB not available in the US? Seems it's not?

  • @Boomerang Strange. I can't find it either. Shame because it's a great app.

  • @Boomerang I have a feeling that OW buddy got the smack down from Future Motion just like the knock off onewheel got the smack down at CES this year. Just a thought as to why it's not on the App Store right now.

  • Doesn't work that way

  • My OW buddy app is working but the speed and mileage rankings haven't changed for a week or more

  • @Earthpilot it's weird how he's being quiet. I'm thinking whoever suggested FM having a hand in it is likely correct.

  • Well, I like the leader boards and i hope they aren't gone now.

  • I'm just glad I got it before it was pulled. Hope Google doesn't use the kill switch on it

  • I got the answer, OWB was acquired by OW.

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