Thoughts on Mafia Bag?????

  • I am out of town but was notified my Mafia Bag was delivered. Will give my thoughts on Monday when I return, but in the meantime wanted to know thoughts of anyone who has received the bag yet?????

  • Just got my bag today...of course, I don't have my OW yet so all I could do was admire the bag. Looks very well made -- when empty the bag folds in half and can be secured with a velcro strap so you can sling it over your shoulders while riding. While full length the velcro strap could be used to secure a helmet. Two different shoulder strap positions, for carrying full length or folded. I'm glad I bought it, it's pretty slick. Now I just want my board!

  • @e-ball Seems like it will last? How durable is the material?

  • @s2kboy it's reinforced at the bottom so I think it will be ok

  • This bag is awesome, the materials feel very high quality, and the design is practical. The bag offers 4 spots to attach the shoulder strap, so you can situate it right where it suites you when carrying it, the handles are comfortable to hold, and even though there's zero extra space inside the bag for anything extra, I was able to easily attach a small molle pouch to the outside of the bag to hold my ultracharger and other small objects. I give the bag an 8.99/10, very satisfied with the product.

  • @No I've been looking for a good molle pouch option for this same reason. Happen to have a link to the one you picked up??

  • @No great idea, just ordered a couple of those.

  • @No

    I got the pouch you recommended plus this one:

    It fits the charger a little better, with room for my tire pump. I use the one you recommended for my lock and other stuff of the green variety.

  • @Snurfer Ah, that's smart, I've been thinking about finding something a bit larger, but having 2 pouches instead seems like a good idea too

  • @No yeah, I've got one pouch on either side. Seems to be working well. I'm hoping the h2o pouch will fit my portable battery / solar charger setup, whenever I finish it.

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