What is fully charged? OWheelBuddy notification or green light?

  • I've been wondering for awhile if the green light on the charger means full charge or does the notification on my phone from OWheelBuddy mean fully charged?

    See, OWheelBuddy says fully charged a good 3-5 minutes before the light is green on the charger.

    This is strange to me because why would it take 3-5 minutes to top off the charge when the rest of the board charges in like 20 minutes?

  • @zonk117 Green light always means fully charged. The app can be off a little.

    I've monitored the watts of electricity being drawn from the charger, and until the light goes green, the charger is still pulling wattage even if OWheelBuddy is saying it's charged.

  • @J-Glide also, "Current Amps" in OWheelBuddy app shows the drop off when charger starts balancing cells.

  • @dcosmos true

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