Tire Options?

  • I think we can agree that it sucks to not be able to go some places because the tire would pop, here in Colorado in out fields theirs alot of tiny cactus making it impossible to offload there. So I think that if we had a couple tire options it would be nice, A treaded tire would be awesome because I live in Colorado there is snow and I tend to slip alot on the vega tire, if we had a full rubber tire that wouldn't matter if it was punctured, so that I can just plow over those cactuses with my 2 hp beast going 20 miles an hour.

  • @OffRoadOW I went and did a little research regarding your thorny problem. Here is what a guy had to say about filling tires with foam.


    No such thing as a "foam filled" tire unless some backwoods hick tried it with "Great Stuff" or similar. The material used is urethane liquid, not foam. This is the same stuff as the old "Superball" toy. It is pumped in under pressure with the tire upright and a hole drilled at the top for air to escape. When the urethane comes out the hole a sheet metal screw is used to plug it and the tire is laid down so that it polymerizes without a flat spot. The tires are very heavy and not useable at high speeds. It is quite expensive. I haven't had one done in over 20 years but back then it was over $1.40 a pound.

    Perhaps a Kevlar belt or a spray coating on the inside of the tire might work? This interests me, I will continue research on this. Maybe an epoxy that you can apply with a brush?

  • Time to move to NC! Great trail riding here. Not many thorns, but you better make sure that you use the correct bathroom. They will be screening bathrooms here soon.

  • @Earthpilot Thanks, this also sounds cool and If I find anything promising I might try it because I'm selling my OW v1 when me and my dad the the pluses I mean I could try it on that take it in the nearby fields see what happens...
    If it doesn't work a new tire is only like 75 bucks

  • I found this but it looks similar to Slime. I claims to seal holes a 1/4 inch in diameter, that's pretty good. I'm going to keep looking

  • I wonder if any of the tire manufacturers do (or can) make a tire that is extra thick.
    Like a full inch of rubber before you reach the belt.
    That would prevent like 95% of all punctures.
    Plus it would give like 3,000 miles before it wears to the standard thickness of tires now.
    It would add a bit of extra weight but nothing too substantial...maybe an extra 1-2 pounds.
    Just a thought.

  • @Sean_G_NYC I think that would be a better solution than a full rubber tire I think that if somebody does this OW should have a tire like that stock, 1-2 lbs is not much that's like if you went on your OW after thanksgiving dinner ;-)

  • 0_1489111838125_Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 7.10.03 PM.png
    Could this be a possibility for the onewheel??? completley airless, they were originally designed for armt vehicles.

  • I've e mailed the team at michelintweel to ask the question what the cost would be to produce a unique OW tyre. It may sound like a crazy question but there's logic to my madness. Watch this space.....

  • @Jimmers75 Do you still have V1 in stock? If so, how long would it take to get it to Belgium? I do own a V1 but am considering getting a second one.. If I'd buy it, I'd want it by the end of next week or Monday of the week after. How much do you charge for shipping? Thanks!

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