Let's turn this into a guessing game...

  • Guess the date of the next OneWheel+ shipment in a comment. Also put time as a tirbreaker! Closest guess wins!!

  • My guess: 3/13 11:00 am PST

  • 3/24 @ 4:20pm

  • 3/14 2:30 PST ... I bet they are trying to get another batch out before 3/15 so they can pat themselves on the back for shipping out "Early March"

  • 3/29 - I hope/wish they take extra time for quality control. I rather get a solid product than something less than perfect when I am blowing $1.5k + 300 shipping + whatever custom taxes I'll get charged.

  • 3/31 11:59pm so they can still technically meet their shipping timetable claims

  • I will go with 3/13 @ 3 pm PST in the hopes that mine will be in the next batch of shipments and I can shred next week haha

  • 3/13 8:00AM EST

  • The day after I die.

  • @COKids Not sure my guess is going to make it! Coming up in about an hour... :-O

  • @COKids there were 2 confirmed shipments on Wednesday....so you might have won lol

  • @ctsiaki Do you know how many units on each batch???

  • @Magnus no, just educated guessing. Rambo posted his shipped order #717x then later that day someone posted #719 shipped. So we can guess roughly 20 shipped. I know order #s in between might not be all +s, but its a good bet the majority of the orders in the low 7000s are as that's when pre-order began.

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