New app is here

  • Hey there Wheelers,

    We have exciting news. The new Onewheel App just went live on the Apple app store! It truly elevates the Onewheel experience and we are really excited to share it with you!

    We know that a lot of you loved the OWBuddy App (we did too!) and we wanted to make those features available to everyone - for free. Sooooo... we acquired the OWBuddy App and have brought it's development team on board.

    It's really exciting for everyone involved and the big winner is YOU! We will now be able to continually improve the Onewheel App creating a better experience for all of our riders.

    There are so many awesome features with the new Onewheel App (name your board, see footpad engagement, track regenerative breaking, ect.) but we're especially excited about making riding social. The new Onewheel App gives you the ability to track, compete and share with riders across the globe. Let your friends in on your favorite trail ride or see who's ridden more lifetime miles head to head. The Onewheel community is growing quickly and the new Onewheel App is an amazing way to keep you all connected.

    And for all you Android folks, fear not! We will be testing the new version next week and it should be public in the next couple weeks.

    Can't wait to see where you take it!

    Onewheel Team

  • @Future-Motion Aloha OWbuddy! Which means hello and goodbye. (Silicon Valley reference ;)

  • That´s just awesome - great decision @Future-Motion !!

  • I cant find it in the apple App Store... what is the title? I searched Onewheel and owbuddy but it only pulls up the old app

  • I deleted the old app and reinstalled and it works now

  • App works great!

  • Dang! You beat me to this idea. Now lets see a really big one that covers a couple square miles.

  • The new app is now available for Android users now.. just downloaded it

  • @marcelo said in New app is here:

    The new app is now available for Android users now.. just downloaded it

    I am still not sure if it will ruin my current ride(v1) or not!?!? :(
    is it just some extra social stuff or does it impact the rideability aswell, or was that just Noobs with the + board??

  • @timvdp I would hold off on updating the app. Check out the Facebook group. Some people have noticed a decline in performance for their V1s after updating.

  • @Rado I disagree. I've been ripping for 20 months, almost 4000 miles and my V1 rides like it always has.

  • @timvdp I didn't notice any changes but my current top speed is gone.. :( have to try again

  • This post is deleted!

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