Clicking noise on OW+

  • So I rode my new plus for the first time the other day. Went on a 7 mile loop I usually do with my V1 to compare battery use and speed.
    This was before the app was updated so I went with whatever setting it came out of the box with (six flashes).
    Liked the smoothness and lack of noise from the motor but was getting pushback at 12-13mph. Not much different than my V1.
    After recharging I set it to 7 flashes (now I know it's mission) and went out on the same loop.
    At the 5 mile mark while negotiating a turn on the sidewalk I departed onto the grass and the OW+ tumbled over a couple times. I've had much worse crashes on my V1.
    After this event is when this clicking noise started. It's not speed dependent, it clicks randomly at all speed on both directions.
    It happens with the power OFF or ON.
    Here is a video with it OFF.
    I have emailed FM and the tell me noise is normal and to do de axle tighten thing. Which I did.
    Still makes noise.
    It was not doing it before it tumbled and I really would like to get rid of the noise.
    Ideas? Suggestions?

  • the best way to get rid of the noise is to put the board in a box and ship it to me! ;)
    or to FM :( sounds bad something loose inside maybe, not a DIY job..just send it back..the video will help..don't take no for an answer but I bet they'll fix it for it happened so fast :(

  • @aar Send them the video. Sounds pretty far from OK.

  • I did send them the video. No reply yet.
    I guess I'll keep riding my V1 for a while longer.

  • For an update: I got an email last Saturday with a FedEx overnight label included. Nice that they work on weekends.
    FedEx Monday, fix the problem, overnight it back, had it Thursday.
    It runs smooth now and FM threw a hat and miniOW in the return box👍.
    As I posted elsewhere, I'm very pleased with their customer service.

  • @aar my V2 just started doing this today, I found your post, watched your video...and the noise is exactly the same. I'm not trying to start a panic, just stating the facts, I'll be sending mine in ASAP.

    Unfortunately, I don't think this is a coincidence...hmmmm

  • I did ask what was done/changed to take care of the problem. No response yet.

  • @aar Thanks, I was about to message you and ask about that lol, they still haven't responded to my email either, but it's reassuring that they handled your repair so quickly

  • Mine just started making the same noise, but less frequently than yours. Seems to only do it when the wheel is moving in one direction (forward).

  • Mine is now making the clicking sound. I am have about 170 miles on it. I am not sure what I will do without a one wheel while it gets fixed. It's going to be a sad time.

  • Its one of the retainer clips that holds the bearings in place. Easy fix if you got the nads to open it up.

  • mine is starting to click very light not as bad i have 460 miles should live bearings send to fm i’m waiting for my xr so i can still ride

  • @leprosydog Not really sure what you meant in this sentence. But yeah I am waiting for my XR before I send mine in. The clicking is annoying though.

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