Goofy Foot advice

  • I'm a goofy foot and have never ridden a OW. My + is on its way. Any advice from other goofs?

  • @DillonFla bro it's the same. I ride goofy and I'm having no issues with the Plus, even with the section of missing grip tape on the rear footpad.

  • I'm goofy as well and never had an issue. I did have issue trying it "regular" though, but's that's on me and my weird brain, lol.

  • @Wrex haha same. I'm trying to get used to riding in both directions but my brain just isn't having it!

  • My 12 year old is a goofy, she has had no problems with either model (she's quite good on it at this point)

  • Let a friend who rides reg put a few miles on to even tire wear. Some like the switch in the back foot I keep it in the front. Rides like a champ.

  • @DillonFla thanks guys. Can't wait!

  • @braswell
    Funny thing is, I was surfing regular foot (badly) until I got the Onewheel and "discovered" (quite by accident) that I'm really a GF. lol.

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