Android Beta Tesing

  • Hey there Wheelers,

    As mentioned on the previous post, the new Onewheel app is about ready to be tested on Android phones.

    We are looking for 10 volunteers who are interested in becoming Beta testers and help us get the app ready for all Android users out there. Volunteers can be either Onewheel Original or Onewheel+ Owners. We will select the 10 testers based on different combinations of phone model, Android OS, and Onewheel model. Applications will be considered until end of day, Sunday 3/12/17.

    If you are interested, please email with the following details:

    • Onewheel Model
    • Onewheel Serial #
    • Phone Model
    • Android OS Version

  • @Future-Motion

    I'm in. email coming.

  • @Future-Motion me 3 🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿

  • I'm in...
    Just expedite my + delivery😉

  • Here please.. got the Google pixel xl

  • Woot. Email sent.

  • Did you get the testers needed?

  • Sent 💪🏻

  • Just updated the beta testing version of the app charging up now test to begin in 20 min.

  • Yep..looks the same as the ios, with leaderboard..


  • Looks like they implemented a rider find/riders near you..


  • @Future-Motion thanks for the invite as beta tester android app!

    Some nice additions that parallel the other free OW Android app that I had been using (pOnewheel), such as real time speed.

    A bit quirky on my samsung galaxy s6 active phone since I installed the app. Had my phone freeze up twice requiring a restart/ re-boot though I'm not certain it was solely due to the app (but it hadn't happened before today until after I installed the app). One other time the app wouldn't let me activate elevated mode; kept defaulting me to classic mode. Noooo! Turned board off, re-started board and app and then it was fine.

    Not sure if this is what FM wanted was feedback on the forum or if they will be contacting us testers individually, but I thought it might help to have some information out here.

  • Is this app going to work on both boards?

  • @njcustom Looks like it. I'm playing with the beta as well.

  • @njcustom Yes, it works with the original Onewheel and is aimed for the Onewheel+ since it starts off with a tutorial of the new sensor pad. It also saves multiple boards which you can name and select which one to connect to.

  • Thank you Jonathan 🦁 for sending me the .APK .. not sure who you are but thank you, much appreciated.

  • Thank you @Future-Motion loving the new app so far🙏🏻🔥💉so dope➖🌎➖

  • @njcustom said in Android Beta Tesing:

    Thank you Jonathan Lyons for sending me the .APK .. not sure who you are but thank you, much appreciated.

  • Does anyone know where to provide feedback / feature requests?

  • The leader board milage or speed doesn't update. My stats are stuck, and it only says my place for the speed, not the actual speed and place. Like the speed variable is missing..

  • @Future-Motion Any word on when the updated app will be available on Android? Thanks.

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