San Francisco - Legal rides

  • I have just moved to the SF bay area and commute to SF city each day on the Caltrain.

    From the Train to work its a 25/30 min walk in the heat.

    In the city:
    Can I ride the OneWheel on the roads? Legally
    On Bike Lanes only?
    Can I ride on the pavement (Sidewalk)?
    I'll be wearing a helmet.. but is that a legal requirement?

    Out in the bay area can I ride in any park? Trail?


  • Thanks so much for link!

    This sums it up:

    A person shall not operate an electrically motorized board upon a highway, bikeway, or any other public bicycle path, sidewalk, or trail, unless that person is wearing a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet that meets the standards described in Section 21212.

  • I believe in most areas of California, the OneWheel's dimensions when ridden and in Standard mode qualifies it as a "pedestrian vehicle" which means it's able to be used anywhere a pedestrian would walk. Sadly, I'm on mobile at the moment and can't cite my source.

  • Maybe not so legal after all?

    Anyone had any issues or tickets?

  •    Yes.

  • @wr420 Yes you have had tickets for riding your onewheel?

    Is the OneWheel future looking like trails and purpose build parks?

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