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  • After a long awaited 14weeks my Onewheel had an attempt delivery yesterday by UPS. However I wasn't at home but its getting re-delivered today! I cant wait !! The problem is I need the pay £295 ($445) for duties and taxes. Considering I have already paid $300 for international shipping, my Onewheel has become a very expensive! ($2245). Oh well I hope I forget these costs once I start riding......

  • Welcome!
    Hopefully you will feel that it was all worth it, as most on this board have expressed. I know I do ;)
    I used to defend my purchase with the fact that I should've saved in the cost for it in terms of parking and fuel, in two years.
    But even if It wouldn't, I still feel as if it was worth it. I've had much use of it for sure, but also a TON of fun, and not only me. Being able to amaze people, and giving them a bit of fun and making them a bit jealous, all makes it worth it :D

    Ride safe, post videos. :thumbsup:

  • Thank you germx for re-assurance, I know I will absolutely love riding it.
    The wife now gets the old 2 wheel self balance board, while I upgrade!
    My snowboard helmet and wrist guards are ready and waiting!
    Hopefully by February when my Lily Camera arrives, I'll be good enough to post some videos.

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