Any OW+'s in Australia?

  • I was in the top five of first orders (708x) and never received my board. I emailed OW and was told mine was not sent because I needed a special permit for road vehicles. The Australian gov today approved my permit but says I never needed it.

    Are you in AUS and did OW contact you about this permit? Or delay your shipment?

    I have my V1 to keep me busy but I still feel bad. My spot in the front of the line is gone 😩

  • @loudeezy Hmmm... but they never contacted you previously to tell you that? How would they even know that you didn't have one? Sounds kinda like an excuse to me.

  • I think you're right. I just received an update from OW. They say they expect it to ship next week.

    "Hi Louis,

    We will make sure your board ships with the next batch! You can expect confirmation next week.

    Carly "

  • Yeah @loudeezy OW asked me to do the permit also. I did it last week but haven't heard anything back from them yet. Sydney here order #744X

  • There was no problems with mine shipping to Melbourne..

  • @DavidJohn Did you apply for a road vehicle permit? Did FM ask you to? If you don't mind me asking when did you receive your OW + and what were the first three numbers of your order number?

    This info willl help me get an explanation on why I never received mine. I'm not getting a straight answer from FM.

  • @loudeezy . no.. no.. and about a year ago.. [sorry.. it's not a + .. It's a v1]

    Made this vid soon after recieving it..

    btw.. I think there's an aussie distributer for them now.. in QLD

  • should get mine by the end of the week. anyone else in sydney expecting theirs and want to ride?

  • Hi from NZ
    Do you know if the charger comes with a power plug for aus/nz?

  • @JacoNZ - not positive on that but I can tell you the plug that plugs into the wall is a separate wire what plugs into the charger so it makes sense that they would have different styles that could plug in. As with most modern transformers it can take 110-220 50/60Hz.

  • @JacoNZ got mine today in Sydney. It comes with a US plug but it's one of those figure 8 connections into the transformer, I had spares laying around the house from some camera gear. No need to step up transformers either.

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