OneWheel with four wheels? Thoughts?

  • @MichaelW Too complex

  • Title is misleading, a OneWheel with four wheels is a skateboard :) But it looks interesting

  • One of the FAQ

    **Q11. Why don't you do a weight sensing control? Lean forward to go forward, lean back to brake.

    Riding off-road requires constant shifting of weight and feathering of throttle. We've designed the board to be responsive to the way you ride, it's more fun!**

    Not sure I agree.

    $3300, I don't think so

    Couldn't find the weight, but I think it's 4WD which need massive battery.
    Not to mention the possibility of a part breaking with all these parts.

  • I passed on the Carbon GT for being too bulky... no way I'd go for this. But then again, I'm a city rider. If I was rich and had a ton of land, why not?

  • @dcosmos Too complex. Agreed. Didn't love it. Feels like it would be cool if it didn't have a remote and I didn't know OneWheel's exist. Pass.

  • I think Onewheel really is the sweet spot. More wheels only makes it more ordinary and:

    • Less intuitive, as just leaning no longer controls it the same way
    • Less capable of hard terrain, as there would be smaller & harder tires
    • Less coolness factor, less heads turned when riding around B)

  • I wonder how an e board would perform on a trail like this with all these tight turns.
    You'll have to hold tight to on your dentures.

  • Better range (as far as I can tell) but way higher price and I don't like the controls. The hands free, intuitive nature of Onewheel control is not something I'd be quick to give up.

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