'Super' charge always takes 45 min. to be 100% complete. Does anyone get it done by 20 min. ?

  • Whatever level the battery is at, it has never been as fast as twenty minutes to get it fully charged. Is that normal?

  • @jackiesardou it's around 25-30 for me... not quite 20 but pretty close. 45min is a long time!

  • Indeed! I wonder if changing the supercharger would do, or if there's a battery issue behind this...

  • Takes me 40 minutes for a 0-100 charge

  • Mine has always taken about 40 minutes for a full charge. I have no idea where they got 20 min. from. Ha-ha

  • Takes about 38-40 mins from zero charge to full. I have always owned two boards. 11 OneWheels total now from first gen (I owned board number 52 and 162) to serial numbers in the 6,000 range. All have been right around 40 mins. Anybody that gets better than that has magical outlets.

  • 20-30 minutes here,
    but then again I'm almost never at zero.
    Usually 15-20% when plugged in.

  • Takes me 20 min usually

  • The people who are saying 20-25 mins have you ever timed it from zero? Or are you just guessing? If so, I challenge you to time it from zero to 100%. Watch the OneWheel app and come back with real times from O to green light. I am really curious because everyone I know that have really timed it has gotten somewhere between 35-40 mins.

    I'm not calling bullshit I'm just skeptical based on my own findings...

    Also, people that understand electricity and batteries... Is this possible? Can some households have outlets more powerful than others. I'd love for someone who has credibility to chime in about this...

  • I'm sure it takes average 40 min from zero.
    The 20 minutes is that most hit the charger at 10% or more.
    I know I do.
    It's a common practice in lithium battery to not run it down to zero.
    I fly RC helis. If a battery lasts 6 minutes, I land at 5 and hit the charger.
    Just better for the long term usage of battery.

  • 35 - 40 minutes. Incidentally the same time it takes me to drink a pint of beer. Coincidence? I think not!

  • 30+ minutes

  • I ran my battery dead and charged it up to 100. Timed my charge time, 46mins.

  • Thank you all for your input so far! I feel like I don't have to send it to maintenance anymore, and miss my board for weeks...

  • Closer to 30 mins from low battery push back @ 9%.. never been able to drain it to 0%.. still get the average 5-6 miles per charge.

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