Why was portable charger post deleted?

  • I am playing catch up on old posts as Im new to OW. Why did the thread started by cr4p about the portable charger get deleted?

  • I was just looking for that solar controller....@cr4p can you repost it.. :)

  • Looks like a lot of stuff was "deleted" recently...

  • Thanks, that one will be helpful. The other post was specifically trying to get a guy named Andy to build a nice portable battery powered charger, but it had some other useful info in it I thought.

  • I added another link and details in the :
    Real world range for 230# rider....

  • @parrothd: i don´t know why, but i can confirm that my thread has been deleted recently.
    maybe FM doesn´t want us to play around with such types of batteries, because they know it´s just a matter of time until people without technical experience are burning their house down?

    i have seen that people are using unsafe and cheap battery packs without any overload/underload/shortcut protection to built a mobile super charger on their own, by just following the guideline within the thread to connect it to the solar charger. alltough this will work, many of those self built devices will be quite dangerous. they won´t mass fail, but even if its just one, it can make a lot of damage.

    just a guess, but could be that FM is aware of that risk and therefore decided to put it away from the forum?

    i still wish that andi (or even FM themself) will make a real (and safe!) device for mobile charging, because it realy is a must have in my opinion!

  • I can promise you they are looking into it.

  • Let's hope Andy is working for FM now to build the charger for all of us. Onewheelbuddy had the same approach. A period of silence from the maker and them there was the FM app.

  • It would be a great new product for all of us incl FM! :)

  • I received the recommended voltage booster today as well as the xlr plug. Can @TOMTNT or @SEETHEINVISIBLE help rebuild the old thread with charging settings or recommended parts for the makeshift backup batteries until FutureMotion or someone comes out with a turnkey solution? Thanks.

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