New OneWheel Plus Foot Pads Compatible with V1!

  • Check out the video posted on the OneWheel owners group Facebook page. Simon has done some good detective work! All you have to do is buy plus bumpers and pads and your good to go!! Yes, plus is still a better board overall but this is good news for people who want to upgrade their original V1. We may have to wait for any possible riding glitches (more testing) to be 100% sure but I'm guessing they are because my buddy also asked them at CES in Vegas and they smiled and said "We can't say but... likely".

  • @MichaelW good job Simon , more videos plzzzz !!!

  • Awesome! But how to get them as "spare part" ? Are they avalaible?

  • video for non facebookers?:)

  • @fabuz Hmmm... yeah, looks like they're not even sold separately yet. I'm sure that was intentional. Like @MichaelW said, it would cut into their sales if people could upgrade the footpads of their V1 without the purchase of a whole new board. And right now they probably need all the footpads they can make for the pluses.

    I'm sure once the initial surge of sales of the plus slows down, they'll add them to the store.

  • @thegreck ok! it makes sense! Merci!!!

  • My prediction based on what I have heard- They will no longer sell the V1 OneWheel after they get rid of their current stock. They may not even have the old pads to buy at some point as most people will just buy the new safer "Plus" pads.

  • @MichaelW

    That's why I picked up a spare pads when I ordered my fender.

  • I wonder if anyone will end up liking the old pads better? @sonny123

  • @MichaelW

    It's awesome they're interchangeable.
    I'm assuming you can change bumpers on the + to V1 bumpers so you can use flat pads if you don't like the + pads.
    Probably not a big change though.

    I wonder if you could do a motor upgrade on the V1.
    That would be nice. I mean I'd go for it if the motor is $500.

  • @Haabiby97 sorry the plus pad is back on the plus so no more videos for a bit. But I'm sure others will pick up where I left off!

  • Thanks @snwbrdwndsrf

  • @fabuz they will be when they have enough in stock.

  • @sonny123 unlikely on motor upgrade. They have probably made significant upgrades to the control board hardware (sensors and CPU) and corresponding changes to the software, so the original is unlikely to be compatible with a new motor.

  • Hmm, decisions!
    I was going to order the original pads, not sure now... But probably it will take months until the new pads come for sale?

  • This changes the game up dramatically.

  • Agree, this is the best news since plus launch. If only we had an estimated availability date.

  • I prefer the new pads vs the originals due to their sensor coverage. The angle is nice and adds stability, but being able to feel more confident wearing boots or other style shoes is a high selling point for me.

  • I hope they keep spare parts for their loyal V1 riders. I would like to get a wheel assembly in the future when mine wears out. If they want to get rid of their V1 stuff, you guys can send me a few wheel assemblies for free, I'll take good care of them...

  • @Earthpilot the frames are identical, so you've got that going for you.

  • @snwbrdwndsrf Yea, I like that. I bet that wheel assembly for the plus plugs right into the V1s. How much could it have changed? Can anyone tinker and let us know if the plugs are the same?

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