Error Code 160.4???

  • What is error code 160.4 and how does it effect the board or ride quality?

  • @mysticasphalt I'm not sure how many more error codes you were going to ask about, but you could just start a thread called "Error Codes" and put all of them in there, just so there's not a new thread for every error code.

  • @thegreck I'm considering purchasing a used one wheel plus and one of his posted pictures shows that error code on a pic he was showing the actual miles on the board so that error code is the only one that concerns me because it'll make a $1600 decision for me easier with that info.

  • @mysticasphalt Ahh... gotcha. Was it the official Onewheel app? Because that error code would be specific to the app, and there were a couple of apps people were using before the recent update. One of them (OWheelBuddy) is actually the same app, that Future Motion purchased for their update, so if it's that one or the official app, then @SeeTheInvisible would know what that error code refers to, since he programmed it.

  • There was an android app called p0wheel that gave a last error code. Almost every time you shut off the board etc.. it would give a different code. I think the developer had mentioned it was meaningless.

  • Thanks for the info!

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