riders in oklahoma

  • if there is anyone with a onewheel in downtown okc post here

  • @jew_fro_1009 Nice! I went to OU! Actually, Fall 2015 I received my V1 and ripped around the OU campus learning the ropes. Awesome memories. :)

  • I'm Getting ready to fly down to Norman, OK for a 2 week school (for work) from Rochester, NY.
    I was going to ship my OW battery via UPS Ground, I haven't gotten the Battery out of the OW yet, I was hoping to get some riding practice in while there. I'm still hoping to get the battery out to ship it Monday morning, it takes 3 days to get from Rochester to Norman. It's been Cold and Rainy here. Not any ride time lately.

  • @jew_fro_1009 I'll be driving through OKC on Thursday evening around 6 or 7.. I'm always down to ride with someone. Also this Sunday I'll be in town, just pm me.

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