Casey got the + hand delivered from ceo Kyle

  • I know there are some Casey Neistat fans out there. Make sure you check out his vlog from today (3/24/17). Kyle and a pro rider went to the Casey studio to unbox a plus for Casey.

  • That not fair... I want it more than he does..
    How many miles do you think he will ride that board?
    10 is my guess..

  • Probably won't be using it. Advertisement deal.

  • PR over real deliveries LOL

  • Casey needs to see the light and start using his Onewheel instead of Boosted.

  • @Wisconsin_53122 said in Casey got the + hand delivered from ceo Kyle:

    I know there are some Casey Neistat fans out there.

    I am aware of that dude and he annoys the frig out of me. Does that count?

  • Yeah saw this yesterday. He gets his new OneWheel Plus hand delivered by the CEO and rides it a little bit then cuts to making biscuits. Huh???

    Now today he posts a video and how is he getting around? Freaking boosted board! Whaaaat??? If you just got a new plus, one might think that you would ride it around the next day. Super annoying. Funny thing though, you see him taking his boosted board to the meeting across town and plugging it in while he is in the meeting.

  • Everyone get triggered now we are 1 unit behind on our number! TRIGGERED I SAY TRIGGEREDDDD!@!!!

  • @RandomNate They only paid him to use it once.¯\(ツ)

    @s2kboy FM should get flooded with emails demanding hand delivery by CEO

  • I think he said he ordered it.
    Guy gets all kind of gadgets from different companies for marketing purposes.
    He seems more used to his Boosted to get around.

  • At least he hasn't done what that other guy with the long hair and his hat turned around backwards all the time did. He cut open his wheel assembly with a grinder or something, I forget. I just remember watching that video shaking my head.

  • I ordered the V1 a few days after Casey posted the video back almost 2 years ago so.... I can't hate here. I do wish Casey would give ripping around out on the streets of NYC a try though. I do it every day here in Chicago. It's very doable.

  • @slydogstroh

    Or just hand it to me and let me rip it around Times Square...

  • Here's a new one on the + in NYC...

  • @FutureBoy

    Still not a fair review. Too rushed.
    He's too busy and used to Boosted for his errands.

  • I use to keep up with him and watch his YouTube vids but I came to realize he isn't quite my style... he has great ideas but just seems to come off to cocky for me.

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