Battery cells at 3.62

  • Voltage is at 58.1 seems that my battery is losing charge, I though that these batteries did not have this issue.

  • Mine balance to 3.60 (58.3V).. I'm about 700 miles in.. still get the usual 5-6 miles depending on weather

  • They have this issue, my batteries need to be balanced often, if charging overnight fails, then run the battery down to 0% then fully charge it.

  • @tony420121 I have 823 miles on my 1-year-old board and it balances to 3.62 overnight (two cells stay at 3.60). Battery voltage peaks at 58.3 V. I haven't noticed a decrease in range, but it's hard to compare from day to day as the outside temperature varies widely in Wisconsin in the winter.

  • @tony420121 I've had my board three years and have 1800 miles on it. I don't know where it started, but I have 54.3 volts total at full charge, and all cells are 3.36 volts across the board. I feel like I don't get the miles I used to when it was new, but I typically get between 6 and 7 miles on a 70 deg day. I weigh 195 lbs. 0_1490488316690_File Mar 25, 6 31 28 PM.png

    Here's my other board with about the same miles on it. 0_1490488807182_File Mar 25, 6 38 59 PM.png

  • @J-Glide what should the cells read on a brand new board

  • @gbones2692 it's been so long since I've had a new board I don't remember.

  • @J-Glide great problem to have then

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