Dude, where's my fender?

  • Have any "pioneers" received their free fenders yet or even heard anything for that matter? I've been stalling on ordering njcustoms CF setup because this was supposed to do the trick for a bit, but I've been riding my + for weeks now with nothing to protect her. I borrow my roommates CF when he's not riding but that's getting old when I should have mine by now...

  • Received mine but did not get any email notiications. I know a couple of other people in CA did too. So yours maybe coming soon???

  • @enjoi408 same for me. Fender magically showed up Friday eve, no notification. Installed and working nicely!

  • Most likely irrelevant, but I am "Gold" and mine was shipped last week. Mainly because I asked them nicely to ship it before OW+ shipment.

  • I dunno, Dude.

  • Free fenders? Wha? I'm a pioneer and I didn't get any free fenders...

  • I'm 720X and nothing yet besides the founder's patch. Waiting on my OW+ notice any day now since I'm almost certainly in the next batch of shipments with 719X having been shipped last week. I was expecting to receive the fender first but don't care much about it. The OW+ will be great whether it has a fender installed or not.

  • @mekon You will be getting a free fender. When? No one knows...

  • Pioneer collective Gold members got a Fender Kit and an extra set of bumpers. Correct?

    I received my Onewheel+ and in the box there is the onewheel+, charger and an extra set of bumpers. So I'm assuming I'll be getting the fender kit at some point.

  • @eelhc Yup. I heard that the screws people have been receiving are too short to screw in the fender too. xD.
    Hopefully that is fixed as they start shipping the fenders out.

  • My fender arrived yesterday. I wasn't sent a shipping notification until I called FM an informed them that the fender (and extra bumpers) were missing. Turns out the fender shipped a few day after the OW shipped.

    If you haven't received your fender, I suggest emailing support@onewheel.com and asking for the status.

  • The fenders are arriving a few days after receiving the Onewheel. Don't need to contact FM, and you may not (probably won't) get a shipping notice.

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