Shutoff and will not turn back on!

  • was riding. stopped, got back on, didnt move so i ended up doing that funny thing where my body thinks its gonna go but it doesnt. got off. noticed board was off. pushed button, nothing. wont even turn on when its plugged into the charger. battery was at 61% when it shut off. ive tried now for about 6 hours to get it back on with no luck. no error codes, wont come on at all. HELP!

  • Call customer support, you may need to send it back. I just got mine back from repair. Same issue.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL did they give you any explanation?

  • There was a component in the battery compartment that went faulty. They replaced. Now, I face planted on this thing. And it never properly turned on after..... Was not happy about that.

  • @jashley My board will be going back for that same problem for the 3rd time.

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