Top speed comparison v1 vs Plus

  • for people that have pushed approximately as hard past pushback on both, what is the difference in top speed you're seeing? Mine gets here today but I can't wait, must know now :)

  • I wonder how it'll change with the release of Delirium...

  • Answering my own question now that I got it: the 'easy' ceiling is 22 vs say 19 on the old board. The absolute max is probably 22-23 vs 25-26, but I haven't tested the latter. This is with 21 psi.

    Really want to know how the Delerium shaping will affect this.

  • People have gone 30+mph downhill on V1. Are you saying there's something about the plus preventing speeds that high downhill?

  • @trappar no, I guess I just haven't seen 30mph - it's such a corner case.

  • I think most of these topspeeds are or will be 1 time events depending on the riders safety gear!! ;)
    Take care!;)

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