This shit is nuts! Not a OneWheel but I had to post!!

  • Going that fast down shittily paved sf streets and busted sidewalks is absolutely nuts!

  • those guys won't be around for long! LOL

  • Ya Boy!!! Welcome to SF!!

  • Amazing. And incredibly stupid with zero gear besides a baseball cap that likes to fly off regularly.

  • Ok, I'll jump in on this. Why did the skate boarding community ever have to come up with a sticker that reads "Skateboarding is not a crime"? Because of stuff like this. and what is funny is Thrasher is endorsing this video. Skaters are chased from areas by security and Law enforcement because of it. If one of those runs would have resulted in injuring or killing a person on the street, the video would most definitely lose it's cool factor and Thrasher probably wouldn't have endorsed it and the skater would probably go to jail for killing someone.

    If you want to do that, be a man and go to Signal hill where you can control traffic flow and be responsible for your own death and not the death of others.

    Hey at least they had street spotters so motorists wouldn't feel guilty the rest of their lives for hitting and killing him, good job idiots and the rest of the misfits by association to the sport thank you for the negative stigma on them.

    Did I cover everything?

    Sorry guys, I think skateboarding is a great sport and I don't want to see it completely outlawed, Believe me, if places want to do it, they can. Ask the guy on this forum from Austria where he is trying to get them to understand that his Onewheel is not a skateboard because skateboarding IS outlawed where he lives. That's nuts but now I see why...

  • This makes me hurt all over.

  • @Earthpilot if I could up-vote your post 1000 times I would. These guys are idiots.

  • That wall ride was so steezy though🤙

  • @MichaelW Simple sick!

  • Holy s**t that's crazy

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