30day block on Facebook, please help me, Jon rambo

  • Hey everyone, someone has hacked my Facebook account and I can't login.. they are telling me 30 days.. I don't understand why this happened and there is no Facebook number to call.. I guess I have to wait it out

    I would great appreciate it if someone could post in the onewheel group for me what is going on and to contact me directly


    I don't want anyone worrying about there fender orders.. if you know me on Facebook my name is Jon Rambo .. please help me out, I would greatly appreciate it

  • Thank you 😊

  • That sucks man, I just posted the message there for you. Hopefully it gets resolved ASAP.

  • @PowerWheel5000 thank you very much

  • You sure it wasn't one of those scam emails that says you were hacked and then asks for your info and then hacks you itself? haha

    I just never heard of a 30 day ban on FB kinda seems the opposite of what they would want to happen or do.

  • @braswell it logged me out.. tried to log in and it said I was blocked..

  • @njcustom

    Rambo...!!! hmmm....

    Funny I always said you'll have to be Hercules or Rambo to pop that tire all by yourself...

  • @sonny123 hahahahahahhahahahahaaa

  • @PowerWheel5000 hey .. would you mind posting my info on Facebook again for me? It's been 2 weeks.. I got 2 more to go lol..

  • Thank you Olivia ;)

  • @njcustom you got it 👌🏼

  • Have you ever thought about making some skid plates? I.e. 2 corner guards and 2 flat pieces to mount to the under sides?

  • @bdech15 I have a few ideas.. however, the fenders keep me busy.. if sales ever slow down I will be making some rails.. someone else here makes grind plates..

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