Hold onto your v1 (have a plus)

  • @jeffmccosker said in Hold onto your v1 (have a plus):

    @No I hear ya. Let's just hope Delirium is awesome when it drops... in like a year

    Was that a pun?

  • Thanks for the ideas @No @jeffmccosker. I just tried Cruz and have the same problem. My tail just dragged when rolling over some power cables... Sounds like I gotta send the board back in

    FM replied their repair tech is going to take a look at my diagnostics tomorrow morning

  • My plus just developed a wierd squeak that occurs almost every forward rotation. In reverse there is no squeak. It has me worried so I emailed support. Anyone else put there have a simliar experience??

  • @Snurfer mine did it for a few miles. The more I rode, the quieter it got, then it went away completely.

  • @Snurfer mine had that, but it got worse, it seemed to get worse as the motor got warmer, had to send it in for repairs

  • I went out with the Onewheel+ for the first time in a few days, had the same frightening experience with the nose high self balancing. This is unrelated to leaving the ground, just cruising down a slight hill at moderate speed, all of a sudden it like the tail is going to fall out from under me. I checked the mode and the light flashes 7 times when I power it on sitting on its side. I use Android and POWheel app to set to extreme, but it is not set up for the +.

  • @markdjr sounds like full battery push back. Happens when battery gets overcharged. Power cycle it then ride uphill to expend some battery, then you can continue downhill.

  • @groovyruvy said in Hold onto your v1 (have a plus):

    @markdjr sounds like full battery push back. Happens when battery gets overcharged. Power cycle it then ride uphill to expend some battery, then you can continue downhill.

    I think @groovyruvy is right. You can configure the onewheel app to warn you from overcharge with an accustic signal. Very helpfull if you are often starting (nearly) fully charged on the top of a hill...;-)

  • @groovyruvy said in Hold onto your v1 (have a plus):

    @markdjr sounds like full battery push back. Happens when battery gets overcharged.

    I wonder if this is what happened to me recently when I wiped out at the bottom of my driveway? I had just charged up, then left the house and started down the driveway and at the bottom had to brake, and suddenly the tail hit the ground. I wasn't expecting it and over-compensated forward and wound up taking a dive onto the asphalt.

  • @thegreck sounds like that's exactly what happened. If battery is 100% or close to full charge, easy solution is to burn off a few %ages of your battery first, then hit the downhill.

  • I have experienced full battery push back as well as shut down. This is not that. It is more like the freewheeling described by the OP. It doesn't even feel like pushback, it's like the self balancing randomly goes wrong and it settles on an extreme tilt.

  • I'd like to ammend my previous post. While my experience was not related to a downhill overcharge, I am now actually pretty certain it is pushback. It is a lot different than the pushback I've experienced on the v1, on the v1 it feels like a gentle push or resistance to my forward tilt, but it also feels like something I can resist to a degree. I don't know if it is the more powerful motor or the programming, but on the v2 it doesn't feel like it's pushing or resisting me, it feels like it just adjusts and it is a immovable wall. Once I hit speed on the v2 it will go to what feels like a 30-40 degree tilt and no matter how hard I push into it it won't move, as soon as I lean into the brakes a little it will re-level, but it stays in the high incline until the brakes are engaged. It is an awful experience but at least now I can anticipate it!

  • @markdjr bro are you in Mission mode? I've been riding only in that mode and I cannot get the board to push back even at higher speeds. What mode are you riding in?

  • @markdjr Next-level pushback!

  • Strange, I used someones + and felt it had almost no push back up to 20mph. I felt that no matter what you did the board just tried to stay level to the point I didn't want to push it too much past that because the nose was so close to the ground. If I were to over run it I might not be able to adjust myself fast enough and put the nose in the ground.
    Not sure what mode it was in.

  • @groovyruvy I am not sure what mode I am in actually. I have an android phone and used POWheel app, which is for v1 with only classic, extreme and elevated. I chose extreme. When I put the board on the side and turn it on, it looks like it blinks 5x.

  • Doing some more digging. The first time I experienced the pushback issue I checked the blinking lights and I was pretty certain I saw 7. Regardless it was 5 when I checked on this recent excursion. I think connecting via POWheel defaults to 5 blinks. I tried manually cycling through modes and I can access 5 blinks 6 blinks and 7 blinks. I set at 7x blinks and went for a ride without connecting to POWheel. It felt amazing, if there was pushback to be found I was not willing to look further. Not sure how fast I was going due to lack of app but it felt fast! Definitely the upgraded experience I was looking for vs v1. I am looking forward to having a compatible app but for now I'll probably just stay disconnected and leave it in 7 blinks. Regardless of all this, the pushback I am getting on 5 blinks is insane and borderline dangerous.

  • @markdjr the mode you're riding in when pushback kicks in and feels dangerous is Classic Mode. More of us get hurt riding in that mode than any other. Everyone in this forum agrees- never ride in Classic Mode. They should have named it 'just when you're figuring this thing out and starting to get some speed, we're going to make the board get all wonky and toss you over the nose and onto the asphalt' mode. Ride in Extreme, or Elevated if riding skate parks or other similar conditions where you need to keep the nose up.

  • @markdjr I posted a link for the new beta android apk, search for by my username.. :)

  • My plus pushes back at 15 mph consistently and I'm definitely in Mission mode. It sucks cause 15-18mph is where i'd like to be cruising at but it's sketchy when the tail drops. Any ideas? What speed are other people's Pluses pushing back at?

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